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[Caml-list] Paper on asynchronous exceptions Daniel Bünzli 9/13/07 12:23 PM

For the sake of completeness. After the discussion on thread  
cancellation a friend of mine pointed me to this [1] paper. It  
describes the design, semantics and implementation of a raise_in  
operation in Haskell.

The paper does a good job in describing the problems of this  
operation. It also shows how to solve them by introducing two  
combinators to unconditionally block or unblock asynchronous  
exceptions in a given scope.



  author = {Simon Marlow and Simon Peyton Jones and Andrew Moran and  
John Reppy},
  title = {Asynchronous exceptions in Haskell},
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conference on Programming language design and implementation},
  year = {2001},
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