TiddlyWiki & EtherPad combo

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TiddlyWiki & EtherPad combo EtherQuest 9/23/12 9:42 AM
Has anyone successfully combined TiddlyWiki and EtherPad? That would be an awesome combo!
Re: TiddlyWiki & EtherPad combo John McLear 9/24/12 6:10 AM

Afaik Etherpad has been integrated into docuwiki and mediawiki, not sure about other CMS' -- We don't catalogue them all, perhaps that is something you could help us with?


Re: TiddlyWiki & EtherPad combo EtherQuest 9/25/12 1:22 AM
Excellent link, thanks!

Yes, if I come across other CMS integrations, I'll gladly post.