Ebean DDL update

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Ebean DDL update Josh Kamau 11/25/11 2:14 AM
Hi there;

I will appreciate if someone can show me how to configure ddl to update the existing tables without having to drop them first. 

Kind regards.
Re: Ebean DDL update edge 11/25/11 2:28 AM
we don't support schema evolution (SE). We have had discussions on
this before and have decided not to support SE for the time being.
There are lots of tools on the market that let you compare schemas and
migrate them e.g. Toad etc but you will often find that they can't
handle any sort of complex schema changes if you have data already in
the database.
Re: [ebean] Re: Ebean DDL update Josh Kamau 11/25/11 2:53 AM
Thanks . Atleast i know i am not missing something. I will use a migrations tool (liquibase or mybatis-migrations)