reusable chart tutorial screencast

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reusable chart tutorial screencast Ian Johnson 11/17/12 7:59 PM
hey all,

I recorded a quick screencast explaining the reusable chart pattern:

resulting example:

Hopefully this helps some people get into it, as we need the help to remake nvd3!

I'll probably do a second one explaining how to take advantage of the enter/update/exit pattern within a reusable chart.

Ian Johnson
Re: reusable chart tutorial screencast Chris Viau 11/17/12 9:17 PM
Excellent! That's very useful.
Re: reusable chart tutorial screencast Makoto Inoue 11/18/12 2:45 AM
Hi, Ian.

I just watched and it was really easy to follow. Well done for the great work, again!!

One suggestion for next screencast. Can you make the code fonts bigger? It was hard to recognise the characters even in full screen mode.

Oh, and if you are looking for next screencast material, I would like to request the force layout (Mike's "Use the Force!" talk is excellent to understand the full potential of using the force, but would be nice to have very basic tutorial, too).


Re: reusable chart tutorial screencast kdoore 11/18/12 9:35 AM
Ian, your videos are awesome..I'm not sure how I missed them in my google searches for d3 tutorials.  thanks so much!  (I'd probably appreciate them even more without the music background, it makes it harder to hear what you're saying, but the videos are amazing, and I will absolutely start using tributary after seeing how you use it!)  thanks! Karen
Re: reusable chart tutorial screencast John 11/19/12 10:14 AM
Yes, this... Yes!  +1 for making a second video for enter/update/exit. (...and more!)
Thanks Ian, keep em coming!
Re: reusable chart tutorial screencast Ian Johnson 11/19/12 10:24 AM
glad you guys like it :)
Makato, I'll do a force one at some point in the not too distant future :)
I'll try to make the fonts bigger for videos from now on. 
Karen, for recent videos i can export a copy without the music. I may upload copies like this to youtube for those who don't like the style, but it's definitely integral in how i make them (keeps me going at a good pace)