Ann: AZip 0.95

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Ann: AZip 0.95 Gautier write-only 11/25/12 8:53 AM

A new open-source Ada application is born :-)

AZip is a Zip archive manager.

Some features:
- multi-document (should be familiar to MS Office users)
- simple to use (or at least I hope so ;-) )
- portable (currently on GWindows, but the key parts of the UI and
user persistence are generic)
- uses the highly portable Zip-Ada library
- useful tools:
  - integrity check
  - text search function through archive, without extracting files
  - (*) archive refresher
  - (*) archive comparison
  - (*) archive recompression
  - (*) archive merge

AZip is from A to Z in Ada :-)
(*): not yet implemented but some exist as command line tools with Zip-
Gautier's Ada programming
NB: follow the above link for a valid e-mail address