Release 3.0

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Release 3.0 Marijn Haverbeke 12/10/12 5:23 AM
Hi list,

Finally, almost four months after the v3 branch was originally opened,
there's a stable version 3.0 out. That means that even the most
cautious users can now feel comfortable using its wonderful new

 - Use arbitrary fonts and line heights inside the editor
 - Proper handling of right-to-left scripts (Arabic, Hebrew)
 - Insert widgets inline (between lines) in the editor
 - Replace arbitrary pieces of content with widgets
 - Mark ranges of text as read-only or atomic (a single unit wrt cursor motion)
 - More modular event handling (.on / .off methods, rather than a
single option per event)
 - Improved add-on API (define new options, modularly add keymaps or
line styles without trampling on other code)
 - Support for multiple gutters
 - Gutter no longer scrolls horizontally with the content

See for an upgrade guide.

This means that from now on, the 3.x branch is the active branch.
There will, most likely, be several more 2.x releases, but these will
only contain important bugfixes. Day-to-day maintenance and
improvement will only happen on the 3.x branch.

Logistically, the 'master' branch of the repository now holds the 3.x
code. The 2.x code lives under the 'v2' branch. The 'v3' branch is no
more. now refers to a checkout of the 3.x
branch. refers to a 2.x checkout.

Get yours at . Find a full
list of patches that have been added since v3 branched off v2 at

Have fun,