Subspecs with multiple targets

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Subspecs with multiple targets ap4y 9/20/12 2:00 AM
Hi all,

I'm using latest cocoapods (0.14.0) and experiencing strange issue with subspecs and multiple targets(additional target for the unit test) in podfile. For example, such podfile:

pod 'RestKit'
target 'test123Tests', :exclusive => true do
  pod 'RestKit/Testing'

includes files from Testing subspec into the main target library. Also JSON subspec included into the tests target. Even more, subspec dependencies resolved correctly and only included into the desired target library, but other targets have sources from all subspecs, so they can't compile. Does anyone have the same issue? Or maybe I'm doing something wrong? Also in version 0.12.0 nested groups for subspecs was introduced, it was decent feature, but with 0.14.0 I don't have such groups. I can't find any mention in changelog also, so I wonder is it bug or not. Thanks!

Re: Subspecs with multiple targets Eloy Durán 9/20/12 8:54 AM
This first issue definitely sounds like a bug (please file a ticket for that) the second issue I don’t really follow; what kind of ‘groups’ are you referring to? In the Xcode project?
Re: Subspecs with multiple targets ap4y 9/20/12 11:22 AM
Thanks for the answer. I have created new issue(#535). With "groups" I meant that change from 0.12.0 changelog:
Make the Pods Xcode project prettier by namespacing subspecs in nested groups. #466

It have been working for me with 0.12.0. It's not a big deal, but was really helpful sometimes. Thanks.