Force refresh without cache?

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Force refresh without cache? Tinukedaya 12/1/08 12:28 PM
First of all let me tell you that Chrome is really great browser and
it is my main since I found out about it. Sure it has few things here
and there, but that will most likely solve over time as it's still
quire fresh.

Now to my question. One of the things I really miss is to be able to
force the browser to load everything from scratch without using cache.
It happens to me quite a lot, when I check my site and then update it
with something, that I need to clear browse data to make it load the
update. Also as my connection is sometimes very unstable, it happens
that pictures are saved in cache incomplete and again the only way to
see it complete it to clear the browsing data.

some switch like ctrl-f5 or similar to force the browser not to use
cache would be brilliant..
Re: Force refresh without cache? dhhwai 12/1/08 3:29 PM
Chrome supposedly already has this:
Ctrl+F5 or Shift+F5 is exactly the keyboard shortcut that you want:
"Reload current page, ignoring cached content"

That comes from:

However, there seems to be related bugs posted about this: