Recursive ng-include

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Recursive ng-include Brendan Owen 5/10/12 12:20 AM
I am working on a presentation comparing Flex and AngularJS tried
recursive ng-include. It might be of interest to someone.

Re: Recursive ng-include Bretto 5/10/12 12:33 AM
Awesome, it shouldn't to hard to implement a show/hide function on the node....
Re: Recursive ng-include Charlie 5/10/12 3:11 AM
Re: [angular.js] Re: Recursive ng-include ganaraj P R 5/10/12 3:54 AM
Awesome love it :)

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Ganaraj P R
Re: Recursive ng-include Adam Bradley 5/18/12 9:24 AM
thanks for posting that, exactly what I was looking for!

On May 10, 2:20 am, Brendan Owen <> wrote:
Re: Recursive ng-include Alain Duchesneau 6/20/12 6:19 AM
That's cool, and what I was looking for. But when I try to adapt it to
my problem, nothing is displayed.

See at:

Is it because we can't use ng-switch inside ng-includes?!

On 10 mai, 03:20, Brendan Owen <> wrote:
> I am working on a presentation comparing Flex and AngularJS triedrecursiveng-include. It might be of interest to someone.
Re: Recursive ng-include Alain Duchesneau 6/20/12 6:31 AM
Got it!!

the template had to be inside the ng-app AND those single quotes in ng-
include directive... Why! Oh! Why!

thanks a lot anyhow!!
Re: Recursive ng-include Alain Duchesneau 6/20/12 6:38 AM
or, instead:
Re: Recursive ng-include Lulzim Bilali 11/12/12 5:43 AM

I made a small change to add expand/collapse functionality :)
Re: Recursive ng-include Benny Bottema 1/22/13 1:44 AM
Two questions I have for this solution:

1. Is it possible to parameterize the controllers when they are bound to iElement? I would like to configure a child's content by some selection criteria in its parent
2. Is it possible to enhance this solution so that the controllers get access to their parents/children? Each element and it bound controller are now completely isolated
Re: Recursive ng-include Bill Simons 3/6/13 8:00 AM
This has been great!  I'm learning a lot about Angular JS just from working through this thread.

How would you implement something like this using directives?

Re: Recursive ng-include Vitali Vasileuski 3/11/13 7:34 AM

Thank you so much, Brendan!
I have searched for recursive rendering several days for this moment. 
You really helped me!
Re: Recursive ng-include Gavin Foley 3/22/13 10:08 PM
Hi guys, how would you add a filter to this?
The desired functionality would be that if I typed "Node-2"  into a text box, all nodes matching that would be rendered in a flattened list i.e. not a nested, tree structure (see fiddle below).

What I'm doing at the moment is: making a copy of the node array, flattening it and bind that to another ng-repeat which only gets shown & filtered when text is entered in the input box.

The fiddle above works fine, I was just wondering if there was an easier way?
Re: Recursive ng-include Maarten Berkenbosch 10/4/13 1:29 PM
Beautiful code!

On Thursday, May 10, 2012 9:20:03 AM UTC+2, Brendan Owen wrote: