How to control the SurfaceView's z-order

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How to control the SurfaceView's z-order hurri 3/23/09 2:12 AM
I created a RelativeLayout which has 2 SurfaceView. The layout looks
like below
      <SurfaceView android:id="@+id/main"
      <SurfaceView android:id="@+id/pip"

It seems that the main surface is always above on pip surface even put
the pip definiation before the main. So how can i change the z-order
to bring the pip to front.
Re: [android-developers] How to control the SurfaceView's z-order Dianne Hackborn 3/23/09 10:32 AM
I strongly recommend against using multiple surface views in a window.  The way surface view is implemented is that a separate surface is created and Z-ordered behind its containing window, and transparent pixels drawn into the rectangle where the SurfaceView is so you can see the surface behind.  We never intended to allow for multiple surface views.--
Dianne Hackborn
Android framework engineer

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Re: [android-developers] How to control the SurfaceView's z-order NoraBora 5/22/13 1:08 AM
Hello, Dianne Hackborn.
Is this 'multiple surfaceview' still not-recommended?

I'm making Filter camera app with 1 SurfaceView(camera) and 1 GLSurfaceView(filter) targeting Froyo and higher.
but their z-order are sometimes changed.

I know TextureView is introduced but it is much higher than Froyo.

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Re: [android-developers] How to control the SurfaceView's z-order NoraBora 5/22/13 3:41 AM
Oh, the answer is here.!msg/android-developers/nDNQcceRnYA/ps9wTBfXIyEJ
Never mind :)

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