Google Maps v2 causes memory leak

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Google Maps v2 causes memory leak Tomáš 1/14/13 9:46 AM

I have switched to the new Google Maps v2, it works quite well, but after some time I discovered growing memory consumption of my app. After investigation it turns out that the sample application demonstrating Google Maps v2 bundled in android sdk also suffers with growing memory consumption. The worst part is, that after several orientation changes on sample application the app crashes with OOM. The log from example crash is available here, but crashes occur on different places. The fastest way to reproduce this behavior is with the Multiple Maps sample, but I get it with Basic Map sample as well, it just takes longer. After getting heap dump and analyzing it in MAT I found that some object from map library holds the memory and is considered as GC root. The hprof file is available here. I found this problem on Galaxy Nexus with android 4.2 and HTC Desire with android 2.3. 
I have found nothing regarding this issue on the internet so I'm asking here.

Have anybody else detected memory problems and was able to somehow prevent them?

Thanks in advance,