What is BIP.apk

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What is BIP.apk James Peterson 8/6/12 1:47 PM
I have looked all over the internet for a definative answer to this but found none.
It could be:
Basic Image Profile
Bearer Independent Protocol
or something completely different, I've seen a lot of possible choices but one of these seems the most likely.

Could someone explain what BIP.apk is and what its function is?
Re: [android-building] What is BIP.apk Jean-Baptiste Queru 8/6/12 2:11 PM
That's one of the components of the network stack for VZW.

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Re: [android-building] What is BIP.apk James Peterson 8/6/12 2:37 PM
Can it be removed or is it needed?  I have a running build without and have not noticed and problems?  What issues would not having it installed cause?
Re: [android-building] What is BIP.apk Jean-Baptiste Queru 8/6/12 2:40 PM
It's all opaque to me as well. Samsung put it in the list of necessary
binaries, so I assume that it is, and I wouldn't remove it.


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