SBT Dependency Hell

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SBT Dependency Hell Benjamin Darfler 12/15/10 1:38 PM
Hey guys,

I'm trying to add scala time to my project and ending up in repository
hell. The Akka plugin adds both the release and
snapshot repo. That seems to supersede the ScalaTools repo and the
following happens. Ivy finds scala time in the bumnetworks snapshot
repo but only version 0.2 and not 2.7.4 at which point it gives up and
says it cant find it without trying any other repos. I'm hoping
someone with more sbt knowledge can help me out with how to either
remove the bumnetworks repos from ivy or reorder them. I think that
the AkkaPlugin should make sure that maven1 and scalatools are somehow
always the first resolvers. I can tell sbt to explicitly get the scala
time jar from a given url but that seems like a dirty work around.

Re: SBT Dependency Hell Benjamin Darfler 12/15/10 1:49 PM
Ok, I see that 2.7.4 is for scala 2.7 and that Akka already imports
2.8 version.
Re: [akka-user] Re: SBT Dependency Hell 12/15/10 1:55 PM
Hi Ben,

I have two comments,

1) There's a known problem with SBT and ModuleConfigurations heavily used by Akka, I have fixed the problem:
But for it to take effect we'll have to await 1.0-RC2 to get the poms correctly generated

2) Use McPom and ModuleConfigurations to have control over which dependencies gets pulled from which repository

Hope that helps!


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