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501c3 Discussion Nate Y. 9/19/12 4:24 PM
Hello, lovely board members!

It's that time! I am opening up this email thread to discussing our
thoughts, what we've found during our research, and what remains to be
done on our 501c3 application.  *Everyone* should have something to
contribute by now, so let's make this a useful discussion and get this
over with already. :)

I'll start by saying that I notice we have a few key areas that have not
been adequately responded to, namely:

- 5.3.a. should probably be filled out by Josh with the rough number of
hours he worked.  I am updating 5.3.b. to be "no".

- 5.5.a. We don't have a specific conflict of interest policy, though it
is briefly mentioned for our officers (but not the board).  The note
below this section on Form 1023 points out: "A conflict of interest
policy is recommended though it is not required to obtain exemption." so
maybe we are good with what we have.  Noisebridge has a much more
thorough policy, but Hive13's is just a brief section near the end of
their bylaws.  Thoughts?

- 6.1.a/b. We need to flesh these out on the wiki.  Does this apply to
Bright Futures? Our Gemsi (or similar) fund-raiser?

- 7.1. Anyone have any input on this section? We need to identify
someone who can help us with this (Mrs. Hunter?) if not.  Schedule G
itself looks fairly easy to fill in, but need to make sure we answer
them carefully due to the somewhat peculiar nature of our acquisition.

- 7.2. We still need to complete Schedule E, relating to us not
submitting this stuff prior to 27 months after formation.

- 8.2.c. We need to clarify this part.  We have indeed done fundraising,
even if it's not much.

- 8.11. I'm pretty sure "real property" means things related to
buildings, facilities, etc..  For what it's worth, Noisebridge answered

- 10.1. I believe this is "no".  Noisebridge also has "no".

- 10.5. Should probably check "h" (see Noisebridge)

- 10.6. I think since we're more established, we should choose the
Definitive Ruling option here.  Might require some lawyering and/or
records searching.  Input?

Onward/tally ho/etc., directors!

-- Nate
Re: 501c3 Discussion Nate Y. 9/24/12 2:11 PM
Hey guys,

Just a friendly reminder that the board really needs to take a look at
these issues, and that there has been no activity here since I posted.
I know you're all very busy and that this is awful paperwork, but it
probably won't take more than 30-45 minutes to look over and give a
"yeah, this looks good so far", or "oh my goodness this is a giant mess;
we must fix <section>".

-- Nate Y.
Re: [ahashop_directors] Re: 501c3 Discussion sleepy nate 9/24/12 4:53 PM
Oh my goodness, this is a giant mess; let's ship it.

nathan dotz