Re: AVD manager(R21 version) can't locate skin path

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Re: AVD manager(R21 version) can't locate skin path Xavier Ducrohet 12/7/12 10:16 PM
We are kind of going away from custom skins. Generally they aren't
that useful. We're going toward a single dynamic skins that
dynamically displays controls depending on the config of the AVD.

On Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 11:48 PM, Mike Yeh <> wrote:
> Dears,
> Currently I updated the SDK version to R21 and found the custom skin can't
> be loaded.
> I did check the config.ini and found that the skin.path is changed.( For R20
> version the skin.path=addon_path\screen_resolution and it changes to
> skin.path=screen_Wxscreen_H for R21)
> I can change the config.ini and input the skin location for skin.path as the
> previous style but it's annoying.
> Anybody find a better way to solve this problem?
> Please kindlly guild me to load custom skin when creating a new AVD via
> newest AVD manager(R21 version)?
> B.T.W. can developers modify this part to both support dynamic skin loading
> and custom skin loading.
> TKS & Regards,

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Re: AVD manager(R21 version) can't locate skin path Mike Yeh 12/11/12 12:41 AM
Dear Xavier,
Thanks for your reply.
So if I still want to have custom skin then I have to modify the images and layout under tools\lib\emulator\skins\dynamic right ?
Best Regards,

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