Line chart Gradient fill

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Line chart Gradient fill Sherad 2/10/12 4:24 PM

I know now gradient color support for bar and range bar charts. But i
want gradient to my line chart. Something help how i cant solved my
problem? onDraw i can paint other area what not in achart, just i
cannot solved this what render the engine.

Thx the help...
Re: Line chart Gradient fill Dan Dromereschi 3/10/12 10:05 AM
Gradient is only supported by the range bar chart.

Re: Line chart Gradient fill Michael Ensly 11/29/12 6:51 PM
Don't know if this is still relevant to you, but this thread comes up when Googling for how to do this so my code might help someone else :)

My solution was to subclass LineChart and override the drawSeries method, modifying it to support gradients. Here is the method on pastebin.
Re: Line chart Gradient fill Pinki s 4/14/14 11:06 PM
How do you use this subclass after overriding it?