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Road Safety Paul Gavin 9/9/12 8:42 PM

Hi All


There is a golden opportunity to have your say on Victoria’s Road Safety Future.


There is a detailed survey on pages 18 and 19 of the Moreland Leader in this week’s edition. It’s one of those old style paper versions, with snail mail, but no stamp required. (How on earth are they going to process the paper mountain?)


However, there is an online version at: The advantage of the online version is that you can be kept informed of the results.


There are important areas in the survey:               section 6 Cyclist Road Safety; and especially the last item of section 13.


I encourage everyone to complete the survey and tell the government how you feel on major aspects of road safety.


The survey results will be used by government to justify changes in road safety measures in the future


The deadline for comments or submissions is Wednesday 3 October 2012.




Paul Gavin