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Re: Discussion: The future of the Vert.x project

bytor99999 Jan 10, 2013 7:22 AM
Posted in group: vert.x
OK, what about option 5, which wasn't posted by Tim, because he already stated it isn't his preference, but it is still an option.

But why change anything now. vert.x website, project et al belongs to VMWare. However, I believe except for ownership of say the github repository. Tim can still do everything he did before without change. So we can keep the status quo, keep the project on github. Keep contributing without the disruption of a fork, Apache, or Eclipse.

I am now totally against a fork. If it forks, then vert.x can't be an option for our app, too much uncertainty and risk. We are a Vegas gaming company and we gamble, but not that type of gamble.

I am disappointed in both sides VMWare and Red Hat.