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Bush's testing plan.

Alan Morgan Feb 1, 2001 10:04 AM
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Pavil Natanovich  <> wrote:
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>  Mike Owen <> wrote:
>> > And we expect nationwide to find hundreds of thousands of
>> > qualified teachers willing to work for very little money -- money
>> > we often would not work for.  And we put them in lousy physical
>> > facilities, overcrowd their classrooms, give them no supplies,
>> > equipment, or modern books, and then complain that they are not
>> > doing their jobs.
>> Gosh, it sounds almost as if public schools could do with a dose of,
>> oh what's it called? Competition?
>I'm with G. Gordon Liddy.  Let us abolish the public school system.  If
>a person cannot afford a private education, they do not deserve one.
>Besides, educate the poor folk and you're kids will just end up
>competing with them in the job market.  I'm telling you, granting the
>unwashed masses the economic power that comes with a decent education
>will spell doom to the republic!

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