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[BW][News] Fox Kids Fall Press Release

Sir STACK Feb 10, 1999 12:00 AM
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   "NASCAR SuperChargers," "Spider-Man Unlimited" and "The Avengers"
Among Dynamic New Marquee Series

   NEW YORK, Feb. 9 -- Fox Kids Network will add seven new animated
series (143 new episodes) and nine returning series (121 new episodes)
to its 10th season of highly-rated weekday afternoon and Saturday
morning programming. The energetic lineup was unveiled today by Maureen
Smith, General Manager, Fox Kids Network and Executive Vice President,
Fox Family Worldwide, at the network's advertising upfront sales

   The Fox Kids schedule includes NASCAR SUPERCHARGERS, the first-ever
kids' television program involving NASCAR which follows the thrill-a-minute
adventures of four courageous young drivers in the exciting world of America's
fastest growing sports experience; SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED, an all-new series
featuring everyone's favorite web-slinger like you've never seen him before;
THE AVENGERS, based on one of Marvel Comics' most enduring and popular comic
book series; BIG GUY AND RUSTY THE BOY ROBOT, based on the Dark Horse comic
book series featuring a mighty yet unlikely Robot duo; BEAST HUNTERS, with the
popular Beast Wars characters continuing their fight against the evil dragon
Megatron and his hordes of Predacons; and CYBER 9, a mysterious futuristic
journey of a young man's quest to become king of a brave new

   Fox Kids also has several series in development including SLAM CITY,
Kopp), DIABOLIK, an animated spy-superhero and GENERATION X, Marvel Comics'
spin-off to the popular "X-Men."

   Fox Kids' nine returning animated and live-action series, (more than
120 new episodes) will be highlighted by all-new episodes of this
season's highly-rated hit GODZILLA: THE SERIES; the covert canine comedy
THE SECRET FILES OF THE SPYDOGS; more exciting adventures on the high
seas with MAD JACK THE PIRATE; and the all-new mystical Celtic

   Other returning series include WOODY WOODPECKER (premieres May 8,
1999), POWER RANGERS LOST GALAXY (premiered February 6), THE MAGICIAN (Spring
99) and SPIDER-MAN.

   "Our 1999-'00 slate focuses on our strength as the action-adventure
and prankster comedy destination for kids," said Ms. Smith. "The lineup
showcases cutting edge animation and live-action favorites, fulfilling
kids expectations of over-the-top excitement, adventure and laughs on
Fox Kids."

   The animated series joining the 1999-2000 lineup (alphabetical order) are:

   THE AVENGERS is a fast-paced animated series based on the classic
Marvel Comic created in 1963. Set in a vibrant high-tech near future,
the series focuses on the mightiest team of superheroes in the Marvel
Universe. Based in New York City, they defend the world, the country and
the common man from the most dangerous villains on the planet. Living in
their headquarters protected by an intelligent computer system, the
Avengers are a spirited family of crime fighters who struggle to keep
their team together and their personal demons at bay as they battle the
forces of evil. There are 13 episodes being produced by Saban
Entertainment, in association with Marvel Studios.

   BEAST HUNTERS, the next evolution of the popular Beast Wars
franchise, continue their fight against the evil dragon Megatron and his
hordes of Predacons in 13 all-new episodes with cutting edge computer
animation, action, adventure and humor, produced by Mainframe

   BEAST WARS takes place in a mysterious world full of the powerful
substance Energon. Maximals, wild animals that can transform into robot
warriors, battle the evil Predacons for control of this energy source
and to protect their freedom. As the stakes rise, each side must find a
way to win the Beast Wars. There are 52 episodes produced by Mainframe

   BIG GUY AND RUSTY THE BOY ROBOT, based on the popular Dark Horse
comic book, tracks the continuing adventures of a mighty but unlikely
robotic duo as they protect the Earth from aliens, monsters and evil
robots. Big Guy, an electronic colossus designed by the military, is
reluctantly teamed with Rusty, a boy robot with human emotions that
idolizes this famed metallic hero. What Rusty doesn't know is that Big
Guy is really a mechanical suit operated by a human pilot. These
high-tech heroes forge a solid friendship and battle foes like one
well-oiled machine. Columbia Tri-Star Children's Programming is
producing 26 episodes.

   CYBER 9 is the mysterious saga of a young man's journey to be king.
>From the depths of the underworld to futuristic battlefields where the
fate of millions will be decided, our hero Jack must undertake this
ultimate quest to bring peace to an apocalyptic world in peril. Jack
faces his adventure with the help of Cyber 9, a super computer, and a
group of powerful friends. Saban Entertainment is producing 13 episodes.

   NASCAR SUPERCHARGERS, a heart-pounding, high-octane adventure, stars
four courageous young drivers and futuristic SuperCars, who team up to
face untold dangers as they battle for individual glory and the world
racing championship title. Saban Entertainment is producing 13 episodes.

   SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED introduces all-new episodes of everyone's
favorite web-crawler stranded in a bizarre world where familiar things
are never quite as they seem. In a highly stylized New York City, Peter
Parker must find a way to blend in while Spider-Man accepts a level of
responsibility he has never encountered. Spider-Man faces an array of
villains with incredible powers, some who bear an eerie resemblance to
his classic foes. Although Peter's friends and family exist in this
world, history has created different circumstances from those at home.
Spider-Man's legacy continues in 13 new episodes produced by Saban

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