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I probably won't be switching after all...

Halaster Blackcloak Aug 18, 2000 12:00 AM
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Well, the more I read into the PHB, the less I feel like switching. For
every thing I say "Yeah, cool!" to, there are three things that I
say "Oh gods no!" to. Or at the very least, the "Oh gods no!" comments
weigh more heavily than the "yeah, cool!" ones.

What seems to be one of the major nails on the coffin is the sheer
amount of invincibility of players. First of all, they start with max
hp. Not a big deal, but it just starts the snowball rolling. Then we
have spells like Mass Heal, where a cleric can heal 2,000 hp of damage
in a single spell. Add to that the death's door rule where each round
the charcter gets a 10% chance to stabilize and even begin healing, and
also the way clerics can swap other spells for healing, and we now have
the equivelant of a bunch of Xmen Wolverine healing factors. The
assault on a dungeon no longer becomes dangerous, it's simply a matter
of attrition. Go in, kill what you can, retreat, heal everyone, go back
in. Never has this tactic been so easy. Hell, now you don't even need
to retreat, just heal on the run, why not? Just takes a short time to
memorize new spells anyway. There's no longer any need to retreat as
charcters can heal as they explore. There's virtually no limit to the #
of healing spells available. I hope the DMG doesn't list healing
potions, because they're an unneeded redundancy.

And this horseshit about characters healing 1hp/day/level?!?! Good
gods, that means a 10th level charcter heals 10 hp per day, 15 if he
has bed rest! In 2E, a character got 21 pts per WEEK with total bed
rest, otherwise just 7 pts per WEEK. These 3E powerhouses (gods) can
get more healing in a day than a 2E character got in a WEEK! That's
before taking into account the overglut of magical healing available.

It seems to me that 3E is obsessed with superpowered characters, with
unkillable PCs who never need fear death. Never have characters had
such potent and plentiful healing potential. In the old days, the
cleric haad a handful of healing spells at best, and if you were lucky,
a few healing potions. You went into a dungeon or on some other type of
adventure, and relied on your wits to keep you alive. The healing was
just there as an emergency measure. You had to be careful, and you knew
there was a limit to the healing ability of the team. Gods forbid there
are two clerics on a team in no longer need to worry about
damage, since you never need to go more than a few hours with less than
full HPs.

I truly, honestly fail to see how a DM can challenge a team of 3E
characters without working his ass off just to balance out this single
powergaming aspect. I can't make heads or tails of that damned cleric
spell list, but I take it if I'm reading it right, that a cleric gets
Mass Heal (an 8th level spell) at 15th elevel? Ok, that is a pretty
high level, but by the time the team is around that level, they're
automatically healing 15 hp/day WITHOUT magic. Given that an average
fighter at that level will have about 60 hp, that's a hell of a lot of
automatic healing! And if he gets bed rest, that's 22 hp healing per
day. A cleric at 15th level can also trade in what...25 or so spells
towards healing spells?

No, I think I'm staying in 2E, where the charcters at least have a
CHANCE to die.

Halaster Blackcloak

"Undermountain, the Realms' deadliest dungeon? I prefer to call it
"Elminster? Bah! Neophyte!"

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