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Lignux, what's the matter with you people?

Linus Torvalds Jun 3, 1996 12:00 AM
Posted in group: comp.os.linux.misc

 this discussion has gone on quite long enough, thank you very much.

It doesn't really _matter_ what people call Linux, as long as credit is
given where credit is due (on both sides).  Personally, I'll very much
continue to call it "Linux", but there have already been distributions
that call it "Linux Pro(tm)" etc, which I don't find all that

The GNU people tried calling it GNU/Linux, and that's ok.  It's
certainly no worse a name than "Linux Pro" or "Red Hat Linux" or
"Slackware Linux" (the last two are often just called "Red Hat" and
"Slackware" when talking among Linux people, so there the "Linux" part
has fallen off altogether).

Lignux is just a punny name - I think Linux/GNU or GNU/Linux is a bit
more "professional" myself, but I'm not going to get gray hairs about

Much worse than the strange name is all the silly newsgroup and email
activity this has resulted in.  It's not as if the FSF unilaterally
changed the name of the OS - they just changed the name of their
"distribution" (well, it seems it's currently just GNU emacs for Linux,
but maybe this will be a trend).

Btw, I've often been irritated by the "unknown" in the gcc setups for
Linux, and I'd much rather see a gcc calling itself "i586-gnu-linux"
than "i586-unknown-linux" any day (but I have to admit that either is
preferable to "lignux" in this context ;-).