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Chris Mitchell Mar 30, 1998 12:00 AM
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Jorn Barger wrote:

> 1) a startup page with my most frequent links (incl many local
> directories, for html hacking)
> 2) a secondary page with infrequent bookmarks
> 3) a search page with a form for each of my fave search-engines, with
> the settings I favor.

I experimented with a local search page, on my server
rather than on my hard drive. It had a search box
for the Mamma metasearcher and a directory front-end to
EZ-Connect. It's orphaned now, but the sad remnants may be
seen at

My home page consists of three links to my own sites and
three to other favorites, gussied up with some graphics and
formatting. That's all! Probably less a purist statement
than just my lame attempt at minimalist cool, though.

>Rankdex, which seems a lot more
>effective than Yahoo if I just want a decent page devoted to
>some random topic

If you like Rankdex's laser pinpointing of just a page or
three, I recommend a look at which uses
a similar but expanded quality algorithm and a much larger
Chris Mitchell
The Searcher's Road Less Travelled