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Re: Appearance Options Gone

David Chambers (Bitbucket dev) Jul 18, 2011 8:28 PM
Posted in group: bitbucket-users
Hi folks,

Almost as soon as appearance settings were made available back in
2008, it became apparent that they'd been implemented backwards. If
Bitbucket is to allow the appearance of source code to be customized,
this customization should be per user not per repository. See, for

That said, given the importance of the source browser to the Bitbucket
experience we should take it more seriously than we have until this
point. Source code is currently rendered in an unsatisfactory manner.
Keywords, for example, appear in bold, and characters set in the bold
weight of the font used are *wider* than their regular weight
equivalents. This can result in misaligned code. :\

To summarize, I consider the source browser to be extremely important
and in need of attention. Furthermore, I'm not happy to simply run
with a default Pygments scheme and call it a day. Expect to see
improvements in this area within the next four to six weeks. :)


On Jul 18, 11:05 am, Brian <> wrote:
> The appearance options have disappeared for all of my repos as well.
> Any repo that was running with a non-default appearance now has the
> standard appearance. Also, any repo that I set tab-spacing to be 4 has
> maintained that tab spacing, but any new repos I create have tab-
> spacing set to 8.
> Maybe they're just removing this feature.
> On Jul 15, 8:13 am, Jake Basile <> wrote:
> > Did appearance options disappear for anyone else? I'm no longer seeing the
> > link to change them in any of my repositories.