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Re: Abt the accelerometer in s10 3t

J1s Nov 12, 2012 3:25 AM
Posted in group: Android-x86

I installed Android X86 in my Lenovo s10 3t, Please help me how to enable the accelometer, currently the screen tilt is not working, rest all working gr8.


On Tuesday, 17 January 2012 21:52:25 UTC+5:30, mythical_tiger wrote:
Yippie, good work here.Somehow i had missed it earlier.First thing
I'll do tomorrow is download this and test.And about the
accelerometer, I came to know that it has an accelerometer for hard
drive protection.It is the same used in erstwhile Thinkpads. There was
actually a hacked driver for these thinkpads to use this accelerometer
for gaming.I had installed it on s10 3 t and they worked fine for some
games like that penguin race, car race etc; where i can tilt and

If required I'll give more links..

One small question, can I install this on a SD card forever ? Because
I already have Windows 8 and Windows 7 dual more partitions
possible..(Well, I'll read the threads if answer is already there)