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vim-clojure-static, vim-clojure-highlight syntax updates guns 5/7/14
fireplace blocks until expression terminates Scott Thompson 5/7/14
[ANN] vim-clojure-highlight guns 4/2/14
Problems with classpath in VimClojore when NAMESPACE is defined Starry SHI 3/20/14
need help getting things working dwight nwaigwe 3/5/14
What about g:clojure_fuzzy_color_patterns for v-c-s? Oskar Kvist 2/11/14
Incorrect indentation for * Oskar Kvist 2/10/14
Trailing parens Chris Ford 11/24/13
Re: vim-fireplace and classpath.vim and't connect to nrepl on windows Meikel Brandmeyer 10/7/13
Timeout in redl / fireplace Meikel Brandmeyer 9/29/13
Breakpoints in fireplace Matt Mower 9/28/13
Die namespace, die daveray 9/11/13
Anything special to get vim-clojure-static definition of a clojure word working? James Webster 7/30/13
Syntax highlighting stuff not in Clojure Oskar Kvist 7/15/13
[C-d in .cljs files Olle Romo 7/14/13
vim-tmuxify for REPLs Ed Babcock 6/22/13
REPL capability plans Chas Emerick 6/5/13
vimclojure & cljs Aistis Raulinaitis 5/12/13
Recommended vim plugins for Clojure / Java interop development? noahlz 4/29/13
fireplace command line window Brian Craft 4/18/13
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