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[OT] Daplie Labs: A new meetup for Internet-y, CS-y, CE-y, and IT-y things AJ ONeal 1/27/17
Re: {UTMkrs} The Future of theTransistor (IMPORTANT!) Pontifier 1/16/17
The Future of theTransistor (IMPORTANT!) Utah Makers 1/13/17
[JOB] Come build the future with Daplie AJ ONeal 12/19/16
[OT] What!? THE HULK backed Daplie! AJ ONeal 12/9/16
[OT] Who works at a datacenter? Or has a server rack? AJ ONeal 9/19/16
[JOB] Daplie seeks Eclectic Nerd for Home Server stuff AJ ONeal 7/21/16
[OT] Free Gadgetry (Arduino, Cables, Dev Boards, Adapters etc) AJ ONeal 7/14/16
Gumstix (Like RPi) boards + Accessories - Free to a good home AJ ONeal 6/30/16
OpenWest Volunteers Utah Makers 6/28/16
Alpha Testers Wanted: Daplie Domains & Dynamic DNS AJ ONeal 4/6/16
Super Cheap 42" LCD Panels. theTransistor.com | d3c4f 2/5/16
New meetup group: UtahBUG theTransistor.com | d3c4f 1/27/16
ProVolt's last chance to save the Jail Pontifier 10/19/15
Upcoming 28 Hour LAN Party: BearTrap Gaming theTransistor.com | d3c4f 10/12/15
[OT] Tech track at StartFEST... be there :) AJ ONeal 8/31/15
Need designer for plastic housing AJ ONeal 8/25/15
Defcon 2015 Travel and Room arrangements theTransistor.com | d3c4f 7/21/15
Possible new theTransistor in the next month or so! =D theTransistor.com | d3c4f 7/20/15
Looking for panelists for a Security Podcast AJ ONeal 6/26/15
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