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Universe Projects Community Forum

Welcome to the Universe Projects community forum, where anyone can talk about the universe project and connect with fellow advocates.

Check out the game concept video at http://universeprojects.com

You can also find us on facebook, twitter, youtube, and our blog. Also, we're now on reddit!

If you want to contribute to this project, join the Open Development program!

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[Need Ideas] I'm hoping you guys know of some youtube channels that we might target and ask for promotion Nik 11/13/13
If you wish to contribute to this project, you can now join the Open Development forum! Nik 9/23/13
[IMPORTANT] FAQ Maz 2/28/13
Frequently Asked Questions and all Universe Project links Nik 12/18/12
The Type of Game This Is Mateen Kasim 7/23/14
We now have some regulars on the IRC channel who can answer questions and chat about the Universe Project throughout the day! Nik 12/19/13
Landscaping and waterways Zygethia Monarch 12/19/13
Disease XeAnDev 9/23/13
[Need Web Browsing Help] We need to try to find more avenues for promotion, here's how you can help.. Nik 8/12/13
Wondering what the entity relationship models look like. Vast Vazzant 7/24/13
My new forums. Guy Person 6/24/13
Community Minecraft Server (Beta) Noah Sutton-Smolin 6/24/13
Website/New Forum Development Aidanny 6/20/13
Helping Matthew Liberman 6/16/13
What if... [Crazy Ideas] Ranged66 6/13/13
The Universe Project Community Forum Daniel Einerhand 6/8/13
The VoidSpace technical test is now available to those who qualify! Nik 6/3/13
Logo ideas..? Madison Kennedy 5/30/13
How to play the test if you are using Avast! software Andrew Deehr 5/7/13
When will the next pre-alpha technical demo/alpha test/private beta test be? ImZarkon 5/2/13
3 Questions. ImZarkon 5/2/13
Pre-alpha out! George Coshall 4/8/13
Shores of Hazeron..guys seriously the universe project has already been made and is free to play TCB 3/24/13
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