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Welcome to the Umbraco-dev mailing list, this is a list for discussing the ongoing development of the Umbraco codebase. Please read the rules so you know what you're in for. If you have questions about using Umbraco then check out the Umbraco forum.

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Rules for the mailing list Aaron Powell 6/25/12
Umbraco RestApi wrapper Aaron Powell 6/18/15
Nuget Dependencies and Updating Dan Diplo 6/17/15
Is this place still alive/needed? Pete Duncanson 6/17/15
MVC 5 + WebApi 2 Shannon Deminick 6/11/15
This topic has been hidden because it was flagged for abuse.
This topic has been hidden because it was flagged for abuse.
Small fix for MySQL and 7.2.2 (probalby applicable for more verisons) but where to put setting? Jonas Skoogh 6/2/15
SemVer - is it working for the project? Lee Kelleher 5/19/15
How to switch OWIN application between http ans https in MVC 5 Vs2013 IDE 4/12/15
Archetype - Hacky? How? Lee Kelleher 4/2/15
Consistency within the Content API's James South 3/26/15
Grid editor - UI/UX obstacle 3/26/15
Re: New Umbraco in Azure Websites Morten Christensen 3/10/15
Database indexes Andy Butland 3/10/15
Umbraco.Web/Standalon 2/26/15
Unit testing with Umbraco Shannon Deminick 2/18/15
Code First in Umbraco 6/7 2/17/15
Media type changing Jeremy Read 2/17/15
Disparity between "editors" mattbrailsford 1/28/15
Cutting the fat - Umbraco Release Filesizes Lee Kelleher 1/22/15
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