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This group is closing Umbraco development 3/13/16
Rules for the mailing list Aaron Powell 6/25/12
ASP.NET 5 3/7/16
Google Ecommerse code 12/17/15
Road ahead for "the new cache" Lars-Erik 12/17/15
Unnecessary internal/swallowed MissingMemberException in DeepCloneHelper Andrey Shchekin 11/29/15
Multi Url Picker / Link Picker - Single item picker 11/20/15
PVS-Studio Andrey Karpov 11/16/15
Partial View in Package - Javascript and CSS 11/6/15
SurfaceControllers in exported Packages 11/5/15
UmbracoDatabase only logging StackTrace on error Andrey Shchekin 10/29/15 9/19/15
Question about importing docType's using Packaging Service Aaron Powell 9/4/15
Migrations vs PackageActions Rusty Swayne 7/23/15
Multiple Media Picker can't save after 100 images 7/9/15
Multiple Umbraco instances in a single database Philip Coupar 7/8/15
Umbraco RestApi wrapper Aaron Powell 6/18/15
Nuget Dependencies and Updating Dan Diplo 6/17/15
Is this place still alive/needed? Pete Duncanson 6/17/15
MVC 5 + WebApi 2 Shannon Deminick 6/11/15
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This topic has been hidden because it was flagged for abuse.
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