TiShadow provides Titanium developers the ability to deploy apps or code snippets live across all iOS and Android devices.

See the repo for more: https://github.com/dbankier/TiShadow

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How to see error from tishadow log ray fong 4/15/14
Ti.Map > map.createView is not supporting in Tishadow , is it true? Punuru 4/14/14
SQL error when running spec with alloy model save Kevin Purnelle 3/23/14
tishadowapp : disable top bar while running Gautier Michelin 3/19/14
tishadow run : "[INFO] 51 file(s) bundled" then waiting Gautier Michelin 3/19/14
Problem with live edit Alloy Nidal Chabab 2/18/14
Permission Related Error When Creating App After Upgrade joe beuckman 2/11/14
TiShadow Express and Appyfy for both iOS a Android Alloy apps recipe help! Antonio Calanducci 1/26/14
How to use spies Antonio Calanducci 1/26/14
Problem with installation via NPM Luiz Carlos Gonçalves dos Anjos 1/20/14
Installation problems TiShadow Gianfranco A. 1/14/14
button images smaller than expected Association RVVN RVVN 12/20/13
Stack trace info? JLW 12/18/13
TiShadow says "long" while Titanium says "notlong" Association RVVN RVVN 12/9/13
TiShadow stops Abdelrhman Talat 12/3/13
[Android] - images from res-...-xxhdpi folder not displayed Association RVVN RVVN 12/3/13
Does TiShadow work with Titanium SDK 3.2.0? William Murray 11/22/13
Can't figure out how to use the partial support for Ti.include() joe beuckman 11/21/13
Cleaning Up App.EventListeners on restart of App Jeff Bonnes 11/20/13
Alloy and appify -- do I need separate apps for iOS and Android? William Murray 11/12/13
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