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Featured on Thingiverse: A Look at the Stats DesignMakeTeach 5/20/15
I had Dashboard notification of 17 new, but it only loads two and everything else is gone... vinnivanhood 5/14/15
Stats not updating 4MULE8 5/13/15
Objects should be posted in a printable format. Larry Hines 5/12/15
Prusa I3 stabilizer pictures update Gérald Gemax 5/10/15
Another user posting copies of my models - can I do anything? Louise Driggers 5/8/15
Can't login only on main page. Bottleworks 5/7/15
Can anyone get good prints with the "Smart" extruder? MarkU 4/24/15
Xhead Peter Mann 4/24/15
Average uploaded things per user? DonaldJ 4/22/15
Unable to post comments bill 4/17/15
Who has the best home 3d printer? Jasmine Robinson 4/17/15
Wamungo? DonaldJ 4/9/15
Spam Comments bill 4/3/15
CTC printers Donald Perla 4/1/15
CanPeeler Tory Decker 3/23/15
Brim Rebecca Sharpe 3/18/15
NSFW filter. Andy Bihlmaier 3/15/15
3D models being printed out wrong emanuel barbosa 3/15/15
My printer died Rebecca Sharpe 3/12/15
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