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Super cheap LCDs 42" and 32" d3c4f 2/5/16
Gordo is moving :( d3c4f 1/28/16
New meetup group: UtahBUG d3c4f 1/27/16
Can anyone pick me up at airport tom morning dan.h.mcinerney 12/12/15
Fwd: reservation for Salt Lake City, UT, US (SLC) dan.h.mcinerney 11/10/15
Free LAN Party!!! Ahh Yiss d3c4f 11/7/15
Upcoming 28 Hour LAN : BearTrap Gaming d3c4f 10/12/15
Dinner and LAN Games d3c4f 9/26/15
Summer GoKarting! d3c4f 8/30/15
Post-DefCon Meetup d3c4f 8/15/15
Defcon 2015 Travel and Room arrangements d3c4f 7/21/15
New Hackerspace. d3c4f 7/20/15
DC801 T-Shirts d3c4f 6/29/15
Hotels for defcon dan.h.mcinerney 6/29/15
LAN PARTY! d3c4f 6/16/15
Annual DEFCON Party d3c4f 5/29/15
OpenWest 2015 d3c4f 5/28/15
Help Wanted - Software Development Michael Colton 3/12/15
Free public screening of privacy documentary in Provo Jeff Beatty 2/26/15
Upcoming LAN Party in Boise d3c4f 2/23/15
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