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Accessibility Service, Stay of Execution Pent 7:21 AM
Plugins Not Working Problem Pent 12/10/17
Alarm Clock Event - not working MisoM 11/19/17
Direct-Purchase Users: Upgrading to Tasker 5.0+ Pent 8/16/17
Problems With Tasker 5.0, Start Here Pent 7/27/17
It took me 3.5 years to figure out how to do something useful with Tasker Judah Richardson 3:29 PM
Create app that starts on boot (without tasker installed) Paulo Fernando 1:26 PM
Would Tasker help with this use case? Wen Chuang 12:09 PM
Android 8.1.0 Clarence Wolfe 11:12 AM
WiFi scanning (near and connected) seems to be pretty inaccurate after 8.1 Tony B. 9:03 AM
Notification Option Request (Permanent Notify Sound) Scott Almond 7:19 AM
Http get ? - help with some home automation Rich D 6:43 AM
Wired connection detection Raif Kerem Gürsu 2:24 AM
Tasker-Unified Remote- schedule play/pause VLC Martin Salim 1:25 AM
Getting back into Tasker Andy Wood 12/13/17
Android 8.1 notification icon not hidden Rob Monroe 12/13/17
Tasker version 5.0u7m export as app problem Bestof Tsounami 12/12/17
Flashing while locked Sean Kirk 12/12/17
Bad News, Accessibility Service Pent 12/12/17
Bug in wifi connected profiles?? Wei Gee Ng 12/11/17
%SILENT neq off does not work dougf...@gmail.com 12/11/17
Tasker: unable to use fullscreen overlay in immersive mode? Robert Yung 12/11/17
Re-creating a launcher shortcut in a launcher that doesn't support shortcuts! Mark Dixon 12/11/17
Android 8.1 & Cell Near Function J 12/11/17
Non rooted S8 running shell commands, error 1 yet runs fine via ADB ? Dave B 12/11/17
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