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Tasker Beta 5.1.4b joaomgcd 2:23 PM
Big News: Tasker Ownership Changed Pent 3/15/18
WiFi scanning (near and connected) seems to be pretty inaccurate after 8.1 Tony B. 3/13/18
Direct-Purchase Users: Upgrading to Tasker 5.0+ Pent 3/13/18
Plugins Not Working Problem Pent 3/10/18
Android 8.1 notification icon not hidden Rob Monroe 3/5/18
Error on Destroying Scene Contining a Map Matt 6:40 PM
Manage power outlets Dietmar Besau 2:10 PM
pixel 2 portrait mode Panupan Kangsananont 12:40 PM
Tasker Boot Up not working on Nox Timtim1980 2:08 AM
Run log - 2606 Anon.Media Volume Dave 3/16/18
Tasker Beta 5.1.3b joaomgcd 3/16/18
Android P: Tasker Compatibility Issues 1337 357 3/16/18
Bluetooth in call volume Bittermormon 3/16/18
Bug: Persistent Notification doesn't show active profiles (if Set Tasker Pref action is used) Alexander Graetz 3/16/18
ArrayList<ContentValues> not shown in java function. Rich D 3/16/18
Element Creation Fray234r 3/15/18
Tasker resizing my scenes. Bug or user error? Zerosi Mazin 3/15/18
Need help with setting up the app, please. Prashanth 3/15/18
Call number automatically Daniel 3/15/18
Can Tasker or any of its plugins detect that a keyboard is present? Logan Fury 3/15/18
Deleting alarms Frederik 3/15/18
wifi off in new gui? Baci 3/15/18
How to automate wifi hotspot on Samsung S8 Scott Harris 3/14/18
Reentrant action or Do Not Disturb toggle with a timeout? brock 3/14/18
Firetv stick support. Joao Pereira 3/14/18
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