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Tasker Beta 5.0b3+ Pent 5:12 AM
Beta does not allow full color icons in notifications Duck Redbeard 6/21/17
Can't run shell commands on new Marshmellow install T Magritte 4/25/17
"Mobile Data" action not working on Nexus 5 and Android 5.0 KUAL 4/1/17
Error 504 Navid Sogaro 11/26/15
Can't install tasker on Lollipop Kyle Ruggles 10/9/15
HTC One M7 - Lollipop - Cell Radio Setting Not Working Fireye 1/20/15
Can't remove notifications Edward Syrett 9:53 AM
Using Tasker to send SMS with ETA info Duck Redbeard 9:07 AM
Can't interact with external plugins anymore Lucas Rohr 7:04 AM
Loud speaker on task help? Stanley Dueck 5:01 AM
Bug with %TETHER variable Lockheed 1:04 AM
Task to toggle UI Lock? Reece Dial 6/21/17
Semantic Time support Bennett Blodinger 6/21/17
Tasker Beta 5.0b5m Fábio B. Quetz 6/21/17
Notifications resetting Tasker profiles N Mok 6/21/17
5.0b4m Thom Little 6/21/17
List all profiles, enabled and disabled Jonas Damtoft 6/21/17
Clearing Folder /Tasker/configs/auto Zohar 6/21/17
bluetooth connect to car should enable wifi hotspot Heinrich Giefing 6/21/17
Reliable alarms Maurizio Fabiani 6/21/17
Best way to detect you're home...? IconBoy 6/21/17
Autoinput stopped clicking two days ago Nir Tasher 6/21/17
Loud Speaker Stanley Dueck 6/20/17
Disable Lock Screen in Android 7.0 Nougat joeco...@gmail.com 6/20/17
Not Available Messages Thom Little 6/19/17
Nesting a Performed Task Afrosheen 6/19/17
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