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Plugins Not Working Problem Pent 8/17/17
Direct-Purchase Users: Upgrading to Tasker 5.0+ Pent 8/16/17
Problems With Tasker 5.0, Start Here Pent 7/27/17
should sent intents be considered as having no guaranty of delivery? Gilles P 11:51 AM
Feature Request: "Device Locked" event Anees Ahmed 11:00 AM
Android 8.0 - Take Photo causes reboot. shur...@gmail.com 10:39 AM
something odd showing with App Selection techguyone 10:27 AM
WiFi Tether: enable failed - Action WiFi Tether failed Kyle Hepple 10:15 AM
JavaScript Issues Alejandro González Camarena 9:31 AM
Purpose of "Actions" Within a Notify Step? whitedavidp 8:52 AM
action Set Tasker Pref, Lock Code: prevent code starting with 0 George Boyce 5:38 AM
about tasker Event: Wallpaper Changed 鲍俊超 5:27 AM
Long term timelapse with Galaxy Camera MEBIA 2:22 AM
Music play from url Ft Einz 2:21 AM
WiFi time log MarkG 8/21/17
Popup on Delete File If Continue on Error Checked whitedavidp 8/21/17
Disapearing Local Icons in a Menu dirk hoffmann 8/21/17
Is there a GPS State in Contexts? kiwiBeans 8/21/17
Connecting Apps to Chromecast as they Open through Google Assistant on Phone... ChrisHoppyBot 8/21/17
Change BT profile configuration-smartwatch tekfr33kn 8/21/17
Tasker created app runs twive Larry Schweyer 8/21/17
Purchasing Tasker license without using Google Play Store Account Do Hong Son 8/21/17
DUAL SIM Action Please !!!! Hkb 8/21/17
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