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Plugins Not Working Problem Pent 9/11/17
Direct-Purchase Users: Upgrading to Tasker 5.0+ Pent 8/16/17
Problems With Tasker 5.0, Start Here Pent 7/27/17
timer Thomas Dalen, van 10:33 AM
GPS Check frequency Felix Kreßmann 9:43 AM
Change Notification Sound slim724 7:13 AM
Tasker Profile no longer sending emails Rex Phelan 7:05 AM
Feature Request: Local backup location Daniel Kempton 6:48 AM
How to get a notification to act on click SupremeAC 6:32 AM
Backup and plugin czed 12:23 AM
How to turn on display via bluetooth (e.g. voice commands) Jason 10/17/17
Can I use tasker to separate notification & ringtone volumes (non root) techguyone 10/17/17
Wifi home, car & work modes Doug Richardson 10/17/17
HELP: Trigger script on incoming call > write call details to log file? Possible? Ryan Wells 10/17/17
"Array Push" bug/error when using a variable for "Position" field. Tasker Pro 10/16/17
How launch widget ? Gonzo 10/16/17
Set reminder with standard android pop-up date selector and/or time (clock) selector? Cole M. 10/16/17
[Bug] Built-in variables not available in javascriptlets Richard Kemp 10/15/17
Best way to detect you're home...? IconBoy 10/15/17
Restore of user backup omits "do maths" James Skaggs 10/14/17
Auto-transfer photos to Nas drive Ian Tiffenberg 10/14/17
App factory images Phil Bilton 10/14/17
[BUG?] "time" event not triggering Dave Kirby 10/13/17
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