Shiny - Web Framework for R

Shiny is a package from RStudio that makes it dramatically easier to build interactive web applications with R. You don't need to know anything about web applications to get started--with just some R knowledge and our tutorial, you'll be writing Shiny apps in no time! Go to the Shiny home page to learn more and see examples.

Post your comments and questions (and answers!) about Shiny here, or show us a gist of your latest Shiny app!

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Announcement: ShinyDevCon videos now available Joe Cheng [RStudio] 9/3/16
Allow User to change input selection in selectizeInput Bruno Contrino 4:59 AM
JQuery Layout UI not working in R Shiny Sushanta Deb 1:40 AM
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separate multiple columns each into multiple columns Bob Tao 9/29/16
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Changing Default timestamp format in Shiny Bob Tao 9/29/16
ERROR: argument "mainPanel" is missing, with no default ? Iasmim Louriene 9/29/16
2 plots in the same page but only 1 appears Rafael Batista 9/29/16
Dynamically Generate Plots in Conditional Tabs using renderUI Jessica Langford 9/29/16
New server setup - apps grey, and no rmarkdown Jeff Parke 9/29/16
nearPoints() with geom_tile() in ggplot2 Peter N. 9/28/16
Installation of Shiny Server. "An error has occurred The application failed to start." Stefano Mas 9/28/16
Packaged shiny app John Williams 9/28/16
Custom routes in shiny Kadrach IsFictious 9/28/16
Multiple "checkboxGroupInput" not working correctly. Shawn Tang 9/28/16
Grid layout question create a reactive spreadsheet layout? 9/28/16
Default ShinyApp Template in RStudio Dalton Hance 9/27/16
Resetting action buttons abhijeet gosavi 9/27/16
shiny layout question 9/27/16
Include external js file when Shiny server renders .Rmd file Felix Schönbrodt 9/27/16
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