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.hgrc config when installing from debian packages Mathieu Courtois 7:32 AM
How to simplify the huge mail sent via scm-notify plugin? RJ B 2/3/16
Create git-Repository with the REST-API throws a 400-Error Dan Steffen 2/3/16
Public registration? Krzysztof Bzowski 1/31/16
How to edit the scm-notify mail content? RJ B 1/29/16
scm-jenkins-pluging : Plugin installation failed Afafe BENKIRANE 1/27/16
How to deploy the plugin for SCM RJ B 1/27/16
Task manager ohomem eamente 1/24/16
Clone URL 1/24/16
Java API adding user to group failing Clint 12/14/15
Triology support experiences? Timothy 12/10/15
Repository creation failed Paul 12/3/15
nginx and svn copy not working Michael March 11/30/15
permissions for subfolders Hugo Sendoa 11/18/15
migrating to a different source control management system (GitLab) Amr Ellafy 11/15/15
Can I continue to push to ssh: after importing an hg repo into scm-manager Charles Harvey III 11/11/15
LDAP without proxy user? David I. 11/10/15
ssl error while push. Troll Smith 10/29/15
SCM Manager with Mercurial in Tomcat behind Apache reverse proxy Gintas Grigelionis 10/28/15
Cannot view Commits through web interface Jake Sindelir 10/21/15
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