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Patchbot's PluginFailed plugins.startup_modules failure fhivert 12/22/15
Looking Forward to Contribute saurabh garg 12/2/15
More LaurentPolynomialRing insanity Salvatore Stella 11/3/15
Fast polynomial powers Salvatore Stella 10/21/15
Fraction field elements are not simplified Salvatore Stella 10/14/15
Topological conditions on Hopf algebras Mike Zabrocki 9/22/15
Skew partitions for symmetric functions Travis Scrimshaw 9/15/15
progress on simplicial complexes (or "What I did on my summer vacation") John H Palmieri 9/10/15
GAP3 spkg Travis Scrimshaw 9/8/15
weyl group element of E8 act on a positive root to get some partiular root but the below program shows error Biswajit Ransingh 9/4/15
CombinatorialFreeModule relies on implementation details of elements Simon King 8/26/15
function arguments and decorators Salvatore Stella 8/25/15
problems with hash for tableaux Anne Schilling 8/19/15
How do I implement subalgebras? Salvatore Stella 7/23/15
Code duplication Simon King 7/22/15
bug in free module construction? Mark Shimozono 7/9/15
KL polynomials for translations in the affine Weyl groups Nicolas M. Thiery 7/4/15
weird behavior under combining remove and for loop Anne Schilling 6/28/15
Symmetric functions --- HopfAlgebras(...) or not? Simon King 6/26/15
Test digraph for cycles containing a vertex? Simon King 6/22/15
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