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[Feature Request] Add period at the end of error message Victor Ng KP 6/23/16
[Feature Request] When performing find by multiple ids, return partial results on RecordNotFound error. Robert Smith 6/23/16
Inconsistency in use of user_name and username Koen Punt 6/22/16
[Proposal] default `rel=noopener` for link_to with target: '_blank' for avoiding tabnabbing attack jxck jxck 6/16/16
[Feature request] Raise an error for invalid options on migrations Ian Ker-Seymer 6/13/16
Polymorphic Validator 6/13/16
[Feature Request] Add after_connect hook to Active Record Greg Navis 6/7/16
Support for Float.years Brian Christian 6/3/16
Skip CoffeeScript option 6/2/16
Action cable with rails 4.2 siva subrahmanyam 6/2/16
test cases all have protect_from_forgery? set to 'false' in rails/actionview/lib/action_view/test_case.rb method say_no_to_protect_against_forgery! Jason FB 6/1/16
[Feature Request] Extend Date Object Oreoluwa Akinniranye 5/28/16
Support for `expires_at` option in ActiveSupport::Cache::Store Jose Camacho 5/28/16
Partial model validation thomas sevestre 5/26/16
Custom type support in ActiveRecord Mike Dillon 5/25/16
Change ActionCable Redis default production URL 5/24/16
proposal: add option to pretty-print in json renderer Gabriel Burt 5/23/16
Raise on missing translations (unify controllers and views) Kevin Sjöberg 5/23/16
[Feature Request] Boolean methods for STI models Matheus Santana 5/20/16
Improve user feedback in rails update [Feature Request] Hiren Mistry 5/18/16
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