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why revert "adding accessible option to allow for allowing mass assignments"? Zack Chandler 1/16/17
Allow hash for conditional class attribute in tag helper Stefan Schüßler 1/12/17
Link_to conditional classes with 'class:' feature request (and all the other helpers that take CSS classes) 1/12/17
why is to_form_params() private? =o( 1/5/17
Should the ActionCable server be extracted from ActionCable? 12/30/16
Subtracting two DateTimes to return a Duration? David Faulkenberry 12/22/16
Should you be able to override fixture_path for `rake db:fixtures:load`? Chad Woolley 12/21/16
Idea for Rails v.Next - add database validations? Richard McSharry 12/21/16
has_many through additional (default) attribute values for through record on adding Nazar Matus 12/21/16
[ANN] Rails 5.0.1 has been released! matthewd 12/20/16
Pull Request Feedback Brian Malinconico 12/11/16
[ANN] Rails 5.0.1.rc2 has been released! matthewd 12/9/16
Provide all ActiveRecord exceptions with a `record` attribute Wael Khobalatte 12/2/16
Change default omission for truncate/excerpt to Unicode "…" Henrik N 12/2/16
[ANN] Rails 5.0.1.rc1 has been released! matthewd 11/30/16
Support foreign associations querying, e.g. `Parent.where(children: Child.first)` or `Parent.where(children: [])` Никита Соколов 11/27/16
Unit testing ActionCable Roman Snitko 11/22/16
New i18n release (0.8.0.beta1) Ryan Bigg 11/21/16
Why do i need to specify the column type when removing? (migrations) Gabriel Matos 11/15/16
ActiveRecord: Add the like or/and ilike methods zedtux 11/14/16
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