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Error pages are really just static assets. Why not make them part of the asset pipeline? 7:05 AM
Rails API Kevin Deisz 7/30/15
Make csrf verification (verified_request?) a public method Wenqin Ye 7/23/15
Allow ActionView form_for object to influence its own submit target Benji 7/23/15
TimeHelpers and DateTime Tyler Margison 7/22/15
rake stats Kevin Deisz 7/22/15
Feature proposal: Use find_each/find_in_batches with pluck Paco Guzmán 7/22/15
Polymorphic with foreign key support. 7/21/15
Adding support for other calendars (eg. Jalali or Hijri) Loqman Hakimi 7/20/15
RFC: Remove support for passing argument to force association reload Prem Sichanugrist 7/17/15
Idea new feature Марат Хуснетдинов 7/17/15
Add ActiveRecord::Relation#each_slice to divide a relation into multiple smaller ones Sina Siadat 7/16/15
Need help regarding Add ActiveRecord::Relation#each_slice (dividing a relation into multiple smaller relations) Sina Siadat 7/16/15
Cookie store and object instances in session behavior when instance class no longer exists Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas 7/16/15
Idea: `record.associations(reload: true)` instead of `record.associations(true)` Prem Sichanugrist 7/14/15
Nokogiri adds a lot of weight to ActionView 7/14/15
I18n Relative Time - DateHelpers with Prefixes/Suffixes Andrew Turgeon 7/14/15
Vrite a file size verification test 7/13/15
Generate a seed file for the verification test 7/12/15
Bundler holding back use of Rails engines? Borna Novak 7/12/15
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