Qi4j™ is a framework for domain centric application development, including evolved concepts from AOP, DI and DDD.

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This List Closing Niclas Hedhman 4/8/15
Use of Qi4j.dereference(T compositeOrUow) Tasos Parisinos 4/2/15
Using Qi4j as a skeleton framework in a high throughput, highly concurrent servlet deployment (and problems with race conditions) Tasos Parisinos 4/1/15
Apache Zest is coming alive Niclas Hedhman 3/29/15
Apache Zest Mailing Lists Niclas Hedhman 3/26/15
UnitOfWork::newEntityBuilderWithState() ? Paul Merlin 3/25/15
New Home.... Niclas Hedhman 3/20/15
Proposal is posted on ComDev Niclas Hedhman 2/10/15
Qi4j Spatial Queries juergen.jetmar 1/17/15
Apply for Incubation at Apache?? Niclas Hedhman 1/11/15
Release Specification Niclas Hedhman 1/10/15
Second Draft Niclas Hedhman 1/10/15
Proposal to incubate Qi4j at Apache Software Foundation Niclas Hedhman 12/22/14
@Uses in service mixin michaelp 12/17/14
Exception occurred while trying to associate many-many entities using ManyAssociation (ElasticSearchIndexException) Jaydatt Desai 12/16/14
Gradle version Christian P. Lerch 11/10/14
Challenge... Niclas Hedhman 10/14/14
Talking about UoWFile robustness Paul Merlin 10/4/14
Neo EntityStore isn't compliant with UoW semantics. Niclas Hedhman 10/4/14
Qi4j version 3.0 - PROPOSAL Niclas Hedhman 10/4/14
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