Qi4j™ is a framework for domain centric application development, including evolved concepts from AOP, DI and DDD.

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org.qi4j-2.0-src zip structure S.Ashraghi 3/12/14
Concurrently persisting two entities with the same id (v2) michaelp 2/23/14
DateTime overlaps in ElasticSearch michaelp 2/17/14
(Geo) JSON handling in Qi4j juergen.jetmar 2/8/14
Generic Qi4j Spatial Implementation juergen.jetmar 2/6/14
Joda Money support removed juergen.jetmar 2/6/14
Index/Query engines tests Paul Merlin 1/31/14
Named Associations for two Paul Merlin 1/31/14
Qi4j + Spatial Queries + Elastic Search juergen.jetmar 1/31/14
Newbie question: build failure Stephan 1/29/14
Property<Money> support Paul Merlin 1/27/14
Java 7u51 & TypeVariableImpl.equals() Paul Merlin 1/22/14
Activators are not "Qi4j complete" Niclas Hedhman 1/20/14
Performance Test Suite Paul Merlin 1/13/14
ApplicationBuilder anyone?? Niclas Hedhman 1/5/14
DCI Cargo problem. Niclas Hedhman 1/5/14
Map Entities to tables with Qi4J Hunter 1/5/14
Test Failures... Niclas Hedhman 12/24/13
Java 7 dependency Niclas Hedhman 12/21/13
How to set up ElasticSearch assembly?? Niclas Hedhman 12/9/13
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