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Microservices in Python/Django? lemuelf 3/1/15
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Meetup 2/20/15
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Freezegun: time travelling in python lemuelf 2/10/15
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UK has openings for Python programmers Varun Dhanwantri 1/21/15
New python newsletter 10/14/14
[Off Topic] Github Student pack Israel Fermin Montilla 10/7/14
Django archive models/tables lemuelf 8/31/14
EuroPython talks Aziz Bookwala 7/24/14
Meetup 7/14/14
The ultimate python cheat sheet Israel Fermin Montilla 6/12/14
Differences between python 2.x and 3.x Israel Fermin Montilla 6/12/14
Fwd: Meetup Highlights 6/8/14
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