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Welcome to the Pragmatic Functional Programming Research group

This is a public discussion forum to discuss issues surrounding the impedance mismatch between academic research and commercial applications of modern functional programming languages. Topics include GC algorithms, memory management techniques, optimizing purely functional data structures for mainstream VMs and GCs, interoperability with legacy code including C, C++, Java and C# standard libraries and so on. This group is progamming language agnostic.

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Parsing with derivatives Jon Harrop 3/23/17
Statistical analysis of functional data structures Anton Tayanovskyy 3/21/17
Writing a new ML Jon Harrop 6/16/16
Room for an OCaml IDE Jon Harrop 6/8/16
Notations for fold, mapi, multi-yield etc. Jon Harrop 3/21/14
Re: Digest for - 1 Message in 1 Topic harrison partch 2/2/14
Hooks for generation survivors Jon Harrop 1/20/14
Integrating core collections with the garbage collector Jon Harrop 11/29/13
Pool allocators for purely functional data structures Jon Harrop 11/13/13
Functional languages for mobile development Jon Harrop 11/7/13
PNaCl Jon Harrop 8/2/13
Very fast linear data structure for F# Jack Fox 4/3/13
Some high-performance immutable data structures Jack Fox 3/23/13
Is reference counting back in the ring? Jon Harrop 3/13/13
OCaml IDE and GUIs in general Jon Harrop 3/7/13
3d graphics and functional programming jmilton 1/29/13
A Unified Collection of Purely Functional List-like Data Structures Jack Fox 1/23/13
Comparing F# Queues Jack Fox 1/23/13
Functional Game Programming Suggestions jmilton 1/18/13
straw poll on F# queue function names Jack Fox 1/8/13
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