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Non-commercial industry? david_c 5/6/12
Imputed Income as a partial solution Patrick Anderson 8/6/11
Postscarcity, sharing, and further aspirations david_c 7/29/11
Limits to Automation Nathan W. Cravens 7/28/11
Crowd Control: Funding Freedom in Closed-Loop Production Aggregates Patrick Anderson 7/14/11
Fwd: [singularity] Will Decreasing Scarcity Allow us to Approach an Optimal (Meta-)Society? Bryan Bishop 12/29/10
Learning in a post-scarcity environment II david_c 11/20/10
Interesting books rverzola 11/17/10
request rverzola 7/12/10
The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement Tomi Astikainen 6/10/10
[Abundance] Short Circuit Production - Eliminating the Exchange of Goods through Property Ownership. (was: The "Free Market" requires scarcity) Patrick Anderson 5/4/10
[Abundance] The "Free Market" requires scarcity Patrick Anderson 4/26/10
Fwd: Roadmap to Post-Scarcity Heath Matlock 1/5/10
Fwd: Re: [p2p-research] Is there any point to staving off industrial apocalypse Paul D. Fernhout 8/24/09
Fwd: Re: [p2p-research] Earth's carrying capacity and Catton Paul D. Fernhout 8/24/09
Fwd: [Open Manufacturing] call for input: P2P Media Ecologies and Collaborative Platforms for Social Action, Open Design and Distributed Manufacturing Nathan W. Cravens 8/17/09
The notion of a gift economy david_c 8/16/09
Fwd: [tt] [Open Manufacturing] FastForward Radio at 10:30pm EST tonight on abundance; Joseph Jackson & Paul Fernhout Bryan Bishop 8/11/09
We Need You! Nathan W. Cravens 8/9/09
Learning in a post-scarcity environment david_c 7/27/09
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