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Applications open for the Gathering for Open Science Hardware in Shenzhen Shannon Dosemagen 5/19/18
Community Microscope Kickstarter: Launching Now! Bronwen Densmore 5/16/18
New short film on open source, environmental justice and community science Shannon Dosemagen 5/10/18
Announcing OpenHour Stevie Lewis 5/2/18
Public Lab job posting: Development and Communications Manager Shannon Dosemagen 4/10/18
Plastic in the oceans! micro and marco -- join at the top of the hour Liz Barry 4/2/18
Today's Open Hour: Plastics in the Ocean Bronwen Densmore 4/2/18
April Open Hour: Plastics in the Ocean Bronwen Densmore 3/27/18
Public Lab job posting in New Orleans: Business and Operations Manager Shannon Dosemagen 2/21/18
Announcing OpenHour: Developing Community Kits with Public Lab Stevie Lewis 1/30/18
Sharing article from The Economist on DIY science and an open hardware + science roadmap Shannon Dosemagen 1/9/18
Re: [plots-staff] Doubt about raw files Liz Barry 1/9/18
OpenHour: Hydrogen Sulfide Monitoring Stevie Lewis 1/8/18
Show your support for community science - donate today! Shannon Dosemagen 12/12/17
Apply to attend the first AfricaOSH summit + NSF OSH response paper Shannon Dosemagen 12/11/17
Announcing OpenHour! Stevie Lewis 12/4/17
Re: [PLOTS] Re: why do plants reflect infrared? Jeffrey Warren 11/20/17
newcomers: How could be improved? Stevie Lewis 11/14/17
Announcing OpenHour Stevie Lewis 11/13/17
Barnraising Registration Closing! Stevie Lewis 10/20/17
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