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Public Lab open call-in tomorrow! Stevie Lewis 2/4/16
OpenHour today!! Stevie Lewis 2/1/16
Do I insert the filter inside the camera? Danny Morck Jensen 1/30/16
Announcing OpenHour! [Landfills: Mapping and Monitoring] Stevie Lewis 1/27/16
The JerkPan Chris Fastie 1/27/16
We've tinkered till our eyes turned blue. Help with Infragram Mobius camera giving bad NDVI! Canyon Darcy 1/22/16
Announcing the Regional Barnraising! Stevie Lewis 1/20/16
OpenHour tonight! Stevie Lewis 1/11/16
Starting monthly call-in time! Stevie Lewis 1/6/16
Re: [PLOTS] Re: fitting Cybershot DSC F717 Chris Fastie 12/31/15
Real-time root infrared imaging in dark 12/23/15
GMF#9 in print! Articles on FarmHack, Photsynq, the photomonitoring plugin, urban gardening Liz Barry 12/23/15
Re: [PLOTS] New version of NDVI plugins on GitHub Jeffrey Warren 12/22/15
automated seedling health with rpi + infracam + opencv? Mackenzie Cowell 12/17/15
Announcing OpenHour! Stevie Lewis 12/15/15
Re: [PLOTS] NDVI formula using NGB and NRG images Liz Barry 12/13/15
some great Public Lab related Instructables Jeffrey Warren 12/12/15
GOSH! 2016 Gathering for Open Science Hardware at CERN, March 2-5 2016 Shannon Dosemagen 12/11/15
posted note: Simple Aerial Photomapping at EWB West Coast Regional Conference, Cal Poly, 2015 Patrick Coyle 12/8/15
OpenHour today! Stevie Lewis 12/7/15
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