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New members are moderated Will Sargent 7/13/16
Play 2.5.4 released Greg Methvin 7/4/16
[Play Scala 2.5.4] Multi-project ConfigurationException: Guice configuration errors Michael Slinn 12:56 AM
How to read all records from table(> 10 million records) and serve each record as chunk response Sivakumar Raja 12:45 AM
Play [2.5.2] attempted duplicate class definition for name: "org/slf4j/impl/StaticLoggerBinder" Manoj Santhakumaran 7/25/16
Generating a Route stub from a route for testing Michael Slinn 7/25/16
[Play Scala 2.5.4] Converting WebSocket json messages to Akka Actor case classes depending on json property Erik Frister 7/25/16
[2.4.0][DI] How to start a websocket tied to an Actor with injected dependencies Julien L. 7/25/16
[2.5.4-java] Alternative to hazelcast Florian Pradines 7/25/16
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How to read all records from table(> 10 million records) and serve each record as chunk response Sivakumar Raja 7/25/16
error compiling play 2.5.4 from command line (activator compile) Simin Ghasemi 7/25/16
Re: [2.0.2] Cannot debug in IntelliJ Idea properly with multiple projects and duplicate class names James Roper 7/24/16
Actor as Singleton and Application not started error Sergey Dashko 7/24/16
Configuring Play Framework with spark hive sonam sharma 7/23/16
specs2 and the connection pool Joachim Hofer 7/22/16
Play framework. Session becomes null after redirection from google sign in page 7/22/16
[Play-2.5.4][Java] HttpErrorHandlerExceptions$$anon$1: Execution exception[[NullPointerException: null]] Vishwa Bhat 7/22/16
[Paid support] 40x Similar Play Framework Applications on one server - memory problems Bernhard Schulz 7/22/16
[play-2.5.4-java] Tests not running with activator test command ßìnòy S 7/22/16
[anorm 2.4.0] Breaking change in SQL interpolation in 2.4 Chris Toomey 7/22/16
[play-java-j2.5.x] Alternative solution for Thread Locals to propagate thread local values per request Joo Joo 7/22/16
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