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Play 2.5.3 released Greg Methvin 5/21/16
replacing Global.getControllerInstance in Play 2.4 Olja 1:39 PM
[2.5.0 Java] Checking environment in twirl templates Gustavo Santos 10:03 AM
How to always return default 404 page? Kamil 9:08 AM
Can play framework be used for online banking or digital wallet software? Boyong Lambert 5:20 AM
Invalidation of cookie when cookie signature does not match cookie content kheraud 2:33 AM
[Java-2.5.3] Nothing happens Johan Dahlberg 1:21 AM
How to add external class folder to play project ravi nambiar 12:58 AM
Will Play 2.5.x upgrade to netty 4.1? Taehyun Park 5/25/16
Issue Connecting to Postgres Dan Sadowski 5/25/16
Server.withRouter() in unit tests causes unintentional logging shutdown 5/25/16
canonical external cookie/session cache Jeff Dyke 5/25/16
Solution for server side rendering reactjs Guan 5/25/16
Play 2.5.3 - Dependency Injection, eager Module construction and Ebean Evolutions timing Justin Nichols 5/25/16
How to re-use Play app's models in a JRuby script? 5/25/16
[play-2.5][java] ebean server instance not found for play ebean 3.0.0 Suraj Mundada 5/25/16
[1.2.4][SecureSocial] Restrict Google Login to certain Apps domain Gonto 5/24/16
Translated Play default messages Jxtps 5/24/16
Setting Local Play Logger 5/24/16
Missing CSRF Token in multiple session Olivier Droz 5/24/16
[2.5.3-Java] Strange problem downloading file Enrico Morelli 5/24/16
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