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Play 2.3.8 released Peter Vlugter 2/13/15
Override config with "config.file" arg max square 5:44 PM
Help with outofmemoryErrors play 2.3 sajit 1:58 PM
[activator-1.2.3] - cygwin bash can't display anything while typing after exit from activator keepscoding 11:25 AM
[Java] Asynchronous framework and promise integration Funkynesh 11:18 AM
[Play 2.3.8] Double Authorization header when using WS with NTLM authentication Martin Studer 7:52 AM
[2.3]H2-Browser ? Pau Li 7:10 AM
[2.3.7 - java] NoClassDefFoundError: play/Project$ stefaan luckermans 4:20 AM
[2.3.7] [java] TimeoutException: Futures timed out after stefaan luckermans 3:50 AM
[2.3.8][Java] activator compile tasks works but activator start task fails with a compilation error Joël Vimenet 1:28 AM
Play 2.3 Java App. Scala Template Error: not found: value Pablo Srabstein 1:26 AM
[play-framework] [Play framework 2.3.x] imeoutException: Futures timed out after [2 minutes] stefaan luckermans 1:22 AM
Play 2.4.0-M2 released James Roper 2/26/15
[2.3] HikariCP Plugin 2.0.0 for Play Framework 2.3.x Megazord 2/26/15
[1.3.0] Startup exception when using await(promise) in controller Robert Lincoln 2/26/15
read recursive tree, trying to run gist 2/26/15
Concerns regarding Play becoming closed-source / commercial software Andris Spruds 2/26/15
[2.3.7-java] Cookie iteration only showing some cookies Tim Reilly 2/26/15
[2.2.x] Feature Suggestion: Multiple values for application.secret 2/26/15
[2.3.8-java] oAuth API - custom parameters in request. Mateusz Lisik 2/26/15
URL ending with /% using play framework 2.2.1 minesh chopra 2/26/15
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