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Play 2.4.2 is released! James Roper 7/20/15
DB and compile time dependency injection Ronald Cirka 2:14 AM
[2.4.X] Play doesn't start as SBT submodule Pavlo Romanenko 2:02 AM
Building Play framework app with Maven Harshit Patel 1:56 AM
Embedding Play for Unit tests Request/Response Params?! Christian Schmitt 1:34 AM
[2.4.x] Is it possible to set a custom Play ApplicationLoader in scalatest specs? Loic 1:33 AM
Can I access my database in the filer of Java? 8/30/15
How do you design web application for this case? Tony 8/30/15
[1.3.1] YAMLException: Class not found trying to call constructor of class not in models package Chris Webb 8/30/15
How to use Google guice with Quartz in Play framework Tu Pham Phuong 8/30/15
Play-Java + Futures/Promises.. where are we heading? [2.4+] Dominik Dorn 8/30/15
How to properly test with a populated database? Stefan Franck 8/30/15
Explanation of PlayKeys.externalizeResources Michael Slinn 8/28/15
Play JAR as subproject Milgo 8/28/15
Mixing synchronous and asynchronous methods sume 8/28/15
play application startup isses with VM variable -Dprecopiled=true? Muneeb kiani 8/28/15
Licenses of framework/lib dependancies Rob Dawson 8/28/15
Websocket java example Paulo Pinheiro 8/27/15
Best way to create distribution file without using lot of memory? Mitesh Sharma 8/27/15
PKIX Error while compiling sample project downloaded by typesafe activator siddheshwar narke 8/27/15
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