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Play 2.4.6 released Rich Dougherty 1/12/16
non-blocking IO in load test Ali Lotfdar 7:21 PM
[Play-Java 2.4.x] Model from subproject is not mapped Víctor Borges Jussiani 6:24 PM
Check at compile time that for each Messages("myKey") there is a defined "myKey" in each kheraud 5:12 PM
[Play-Java 2.4.x] Deploying to GAE raunak 12:32 PM
Deprecating Comet? Rich Dougherty 12:02 PM
Support JSONAPI standard in Scala Play Tianhao Li 10:44 AM
[Play Scala - 2.5.0-M2] Class loader issues with JVM fork in Test Victor Pirat 1:07 AM
Debugging Play 2.4 with Intellij 15 Alex Mueller 2/9/16
Use AWS SQS in Scala Play 2.4 reactive project Tianhao Li 2/9/16
Looking for code examples: Scala/Play + REST API + Slick/PostgreSQL + React frontend J. Ro 2/9/16
Memory leak while injecting EbeanServer in dev mode (2.4.x) Salem Saberhagen 2/8/16
Sequential Scalatest problem in Play 2.4: Dmitry Ivanov 2/8/16
[Play-Java 2.4.x] Why play framework is so slow when using twirl? Saeed Zarinfam 2/8/16
Is it safe to disable "play" logger? Aleksandar Stojadinovic 2/8/16
[Play 2.4.6] Why play framework 2.4 is so slow when using @routes.Assets.versioned in twirl? Saeed Zarinfam 2/8/16
[2.4.6-Scala] JsResult; match or fold ? Gervais Blaise 2/8/16
Help with IntelliJ John Michael Lafayette 2/8/16
Statically weaving JPA entities for EclipseLink in Play Framework Akinniranye James 2/8/16
Simple Async Example Tyler Pachal 2/8/16
Best Way to Get Current Login user in view ? Azeem Tariq 2/8/16
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