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Play 2.4.0-RC1 released! James Roper 5/4/15
Play 2.3.8 released Peter Vlugter 5/2/15
[1.2.x] Play1: version,, 1.3.1 released (XSS Vulnerability) Alex 5:34 PM
Play 2.1.1 Error when dist project Anderson Vasconcelos 3:16 PM
In Memoriam - Kate von Roeder James Roper 2:52 PM
Play! with Vaadin Raven 10:11 AM
I could not start play application net.contentobjects.jnotify.linux.JNotifyException_linux: Error removing watch 2 rana das 9:47 AM
[Play 2.3.x test] Don't want to start a server when running Selenium test Johan Dahlberg 5:09 AM
[Play 2.4.0-RC1] [Play-slick 1.0.0] A binding to play.api.db.DBApi was already configured ... Johan Dahlberg 5/5/15
Re: [play-framework] Convert Enumerator to Publisher, for streaming using akka-stream Rich Dougherty 5/5/15
[Play 2] how to integrate Josso 1.8 Alberto Corral 5/5/15
Play Enumerator using Iterator results in missing element Alex Wouda 5/5/15
[2.3.8-Java] MultipartFormData Enrico Morelli 5/5/15
Error:No module for Run Configuration Play 2 Dasaradhi Abbaraju 5/4/15
[play-2.4.0-rc1] [play-java] CORS filter not working Nicolaas Frederick Huysamen 5/4/15
[Play 2.2.2] Weird error on application launch : Invalid ConstantValue field attribute length 0 in class file scala/util/control/Exception$$anonfun$1 Lauris Braka 5/4/15
[2.1.4] Play mixing responses under high load František Hartman 5/4/15
[Play] Problem JPA/Hibernate and my postgre database Martin Huc 5/4/15
[2.3.8 java] Binding multiple child-Objects from a Form Quirin Stockinger 5/4/15
[2.4.0-M3] p.c.s.n.PlayDefaultUpstreamHandler errors Igmar Palsenberg 5/4/15
Re: [play-framework] Re: [2.4.0-RC1] [play-java] Ebean ORM not working Marcos Silva Pereira 5/3/15
Simple update in ReactiveMongo Sion Smith 5/3/15
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