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[Internals] Secretary Declarations of Conflicts of Interest Michael Cullum 8/11/16
Self-throttling Michael Cullum 6/2/16
Alternative to FIG 3.0: Encourage *-interop projects pmjones 11:11 AM
[FIG 3.0] Need clarifications about core committee Alexander Makarov 4:03 AM
[Discussion][Internals] Remove the Interface suffix from PSR naming conventions Matthieu Napoli 8/24/16
[VOTE] Secretary Election August 2016 Michael Cullum 8/23/16
[Review][Discuss] FIG 3.0 Upcoming Vote Michael Cullum 8/23/16
[VOTE] "FIG 3.0" Bylaw amendments Larry Garfield 8/23/16
Questions on some coding styles kapitanluffy pirata 8/23/16
[PSR-11] Clarifying exceptions David Négrier 8/22/16
FIG 3.0 Discussion Period GeeH 8/22/16
[VOTE] PSR-6 Errata Larry Garfield 8/22/16
[PSR-5] Iterator Typehinting Damian Mooyman 8/22/16
[PSR-11] Remove ContainerException Matthieu Napoli 8/21/16
Alternative to FIG 3.0 - Is it time to call FIG complete? Joe Ferguson 8/18/16
[PSR-15] FrameInterface Rob Allen 8/18/16
EventManager Draft Chuck Reeves 8/17/16
[Un-Nomination] Phil Sturgeon Phil Sturgeon 8/16/16
Github Permissions Update Michael Cullum 8/15/16
[Internal] Resignation - The PHP League 8/15/16
[REVIEW] PSR-13: Link definition interfaces Matthew Weier O'Phinney 8/15/16
[PSR-13] Ready for Review Larry Garfield 8/15/16
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