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Payment Gateway Integration from Phonegap 12:50 PM
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Core File plugin issues Paul Pineda 2/27/15
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Cordova on UHD screen Évirose Raider 2/27/15
Using Custom Plugins in PhoneGap Build Sarah 2/27/15
i can't update my app code in build phonegap angel gonzalez barragan 2/26/15
how to access sqlite database using javascript? Ketul Suthar 2/26/15
Custom Phonegap Plugins Sarah 2/26/15
[Berlin Meetup] Hybrid App Development, anyone interested to make a talk ? Chakib Benziane 2/26/15
how to remove my app from phone gap website Shujat Qasim 2/26/15
iOS Build Error / Failed Arnold Sealey 2/26/15
cordova cli installation error Akinsanya Olanrewaju 2/26/15
Any one in this group from India or Bangalore? Milind Gothi 2/26/15
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