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Build Game on PhoneGap that can communicate between iphone and android David 8:20 AM
onFileSystemPathsReady not fired Emmanuel Goldstein 8:11 AM
Video player Youtube without being webview/iframe Marcos Rodrigo Ladeia 8:10 AM
Can't use ajax from PhoneGap app - Security error: DOM Exception 18 jeff davidson 1:51 AM
Guideline to new comers Avowe System 7/4/15
Javascript WebSQL Insert Multiple Rows and Control i value ElyasX 7/4/15
Why to have files in local system ? (and not have them in the server) JC 7/4/15
npm install -g phonegap not working 7/4/15
input type="file" give wrong results and invalid filemame Eric Liango 7/4/15
Some Notes from a (very) New Guy John Saunders 7/3/15
Phonegap FTP service Hk 7/3/15
Cordova GeoLocation API failing in Android M Beta OS Ritika Mathur 7/3/15 not working android 4.4 and above but it's working properly android 4.2 John Kennedy 7/3/15
Image processing detecting and fixing skew Ali Raza 7/3/15
Unable to download excel in android devices Sanjit Kumar Maurya 7/3/15
Local images take a long time to load iOS 7/3/15
Any way to reset the memory in Android? Scott J. Pearson 7/3/15
Phonegap app with display of (many) pictures. Stefaan Van Goolen 7/3/15
Scroll Lags on Android Никита Курдин 7/2/15
Error building android phonegap project with cli Doc Jump 7/2/15
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