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Posting Tips

If you are new to PhoneGap or Cordova, please read this information before posting:
When asking a question, provide us with the following information where it is pertinent: 
  • Your PhoneGap or Cordova version, as well as the platform version you are using (Android, iOS, etc.)
  • JavaScript technologies you are using: jQuery, Ionic, etc.
  • Platform(s) you are targeting: iOS, Android, etc. If you have tested on a physical device, include device models as well.
  • OS and version you are building on: PC, Mac, Ubuntu, etc.
  • Software you are using to build/compile: CLI, Eclipse, Adobe products, etc.
If something is "not working" then provide the above and:
  • Post an example that reproduces the error by cutting the code down to the smallest it can be while still demonstrating the error. Please do not post hundreds or thousands of lines of code.
  • Exact error messages you are receiving. These should include the log information before the error message as often the error occurs a long way before the message. 
  • Screen shots or animations showing the issue if possible (and an explanation of what's wrong and what you expect to see). Please do not post just the screen shots of error messages as they are often impossible to read and rarely have the right information. 
  • Be concise and clear about what your problem is. Remember that nearly no one will have any idea about your project, your level of experience, what your app should do (or shouldn't) or what you have done to try and fix the problem. 
The people who get the most help are the people who provide a clear explanation of what their problem is and provide accurate and appropriate information to help others debug their problem. You have to help us to help you.

One last thing: the people on this list are volunteers. Do not assume that the Cordova developers are actively reading this group -- if you have a bug to report or feature request, do so at the Cordova Issue Tracker

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