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New nightly builds? Toban 11/11/15
Incompatability issues Israel R. 11/6/15
Mapping to create a screenshot of the page alex viau 10/26/15
Change scrollbar appearance 10/26/15
Problem with "vim insert" mode Chris Watson 9/23/15
undo word deletion in Text Edit mode? John Doe 9/14/15
Strange "switch to tab" popup in FF39/40 Yuri D'Elia 8/31/15
Pentadactyl Firefox Nightly Luna Jernberg 8/18/15
Pentadactyl on FF39 Nick C 8/11/15
ctrl+c needs to be presse 2 times sometimes alex viau 7/27/15
Install pentadactyl without Sourceforge Boris Arkenaar 7/23/15
Alternative website to download nightlies 7/22/15
Pentadactyl in FF39 Nick Curry 7/21/15
Switch to a buffer or open a new one if there is no matching buffer 7/20/15
Enabling reader view from Pentadactyl 7/7/15
Problem saving options 6/23/15
How to stop remembering the last session when qutting with command+q 6/20/15
Jquery plugin can not be initialized? Vladimir Marek 6/17/15
Toggling the 'Toolbar' aka 'Navigation Bar' Lewis Pike 6/8/15
Access pdf.js objects Andrew MacFie 5/18/15
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