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Welcome to the PDX Mobile Workgroup.


This group runs on an RSVP system. This means if two or more people RSVP, then the meeting is held. If you can't RSVP, you can still attend but only if 2 other people RSVP. This means if you RSVP, you must be sure you can show and do actually show. In the event of an emergency, post that you changed your mind. Otherwise people travel a long way for no purpose. That is not acceptable. Your rights to the group will be revoked if you do this. Sorry for being so strict, but too many people have abused the group. 

Beginners Are Welcomed.

We are Software and Hardware engineers working on Android, iOS, and all other mobile platforms.

Working on projects by yourself can be difficult because you don't get the feedback or interaction you get in an office environment. Online sites such as stackoverflow.com are great resources for answering well defined questions, but don't have the benefits of personal interactions. When you are part of a community you get to know others with similar interests, get an immediate response to hard to describe problems, bounce ideas off of others, and learn by example.

The in person workgroup is the main reason the group exists. This group site is mostly used for discussion about meetings, but do feel free to post questions or any other relevant information regarding mobile development.

The group is informal. There is no set schedule but you can see meeting announcements posted. Attendees stop by at various times after work and stay as long as they like.

Meetings require at least 2 confirmed attendees with RSVPs. If you know you will attend a specific meeting, post a response that you will attend with an RSVP on this site. You don't have to RSVP and can just show, but then you will want to check just prior to traveling to be sure the meeting is happening. Meetings with less than 2 confirmed attendees will be canceled.

If you want to attend, but can't be sure you will make it, you can post that you are interested in joining, but that will not count as an RSVP. 

If you want to RSVP, leave a note that you will be attending. Don't say things like, "I may attend", or "I can attend", that is not an RSVP. Say "I WILL attend" or something similar. I can't guess at your intentions if they are not clear. A message that the meeting is happening will be posted if and only if we have 2 or more RSVPs. 

Thanks for understanding that some people travel a long distance to attend. Failure to show when you have an RSVP will make the people showing up just to see you unhappy. 

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