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Uppercase/Lowercase problem! Cannot Claim Badges! Benjamín Rámila 6/24/16
different issuers, one account Tania Martinelli 6/24/16
Vocabulary update poll: Consumer -> Inspector Nate Otto 6/24/16
Where do I find an Open Badges plugin for Sakai learning platform? Susan Campher 6/24/16
Calls and Events this week: Standard WG, BadgeChain, Badge Summit! Nate Otto 6/21/16
Follow up to 6/15/16 Community Call - opportunity to provide feedback Chris Crytzer 6/17/16
The open badges backpack in historical context Carla Casilli, Badges + Digital Cred Consultant 6/15/16
Unable send the badge from moodle to backpack Mei Ling 6/14/16
Dynamically Updating Badges 6/14/16
Why aren't extensions in an array with a known key? Anh Nguyen 6/13/16
Call for contributions: Please contribute more examples of global projects using Open Badges Nate Otto 6/13/16
2 calls and an #OpenEpic Twitter Chat this week Chris Crytzer 6/12/16
Digital Certificates Project from MIT Media Lab (wow!) Karen Jeffrey 6/10/16
Examples of Open Badges for soft skills? Don Presant 6/10/16
Start of the BadgeChain Reads Initiative Ian O'Byrne 6/10/16
Request to reset my BackPack password did not activate and email Grainne McGrath 6/9/16
Problems with upload my Moodle badge to an account in Mozilla Backpack Michelle Khatib 6/8/16
Register Your Campus for the Tools of Engagement Project Now! Roberta (Robin) Sullivan 6/8/16
Am I getting hung-up on which platform to use? Wayne Gibbons 6/8/16
Use Cases compiled by members of the Open Badges Network to consider re: technical issues Chris Crytzer 6/7/16
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