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Badge News - Issue #002 Doug Belshaw 5:58 AM
Summit on Digital Credentials and Badges 1/10/17
Political recognition of Open badges in EU Laimonas Ragauskas 1/5/17
Reminder: 1st Open Recognition Alliance call today 12pm ET (w Etherpad address) Don Presant 1/4/17
Badge News: a brand new bi-weely newsletter for the Open Badges community! Doug Belshaw 1/4/17
First call for an Open Recognition Alliance - Jan 4 12pm ET Don Presant 1/3/17
Pull request #99: Open Badges 2.0 Recommendation Nate Otto 12/31/16
Final Badge Alliance Open Badges Community Call Today noon EST / 5pm UTC Nate Otto 12/28/16
Standard Working Group meetings Dec 22 and 26-30 Nate Otto 12/22/16
Job at Digital promise, Blog posts Daniel Hickey 12/22/16
Open Badges Community Call December 21 2016 Nate Otto 12/21/16
Open Badges Community Call for 14 December 2016 Nate Otto 12/14/16
Is Mozilla Backpack going away? If so, What can I replace it with? Deborah Clark 12/9/16
Updates to the Mozilla Backpack are live. Tim Riches 12/8/16
Draft in progress of Open Badges v2.0 Nate Otto 12/8/16
No community call today, December 7 Nate Otto 12/7/16
Badgr Server crashes after installation Jim Georgiadis 12/6/16
Can an issuer check if a badge is backpacked? Xinyue Wu 12/6/16
Happy Thanksgiving! (Three new posts on "Competencies in Context") Daniel Hickey 11/24/16
Open Badges Community Call, 23 November 2016 Nate Otto 11/23/16
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