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Interested in contributing omid Jian Fang 3/10/14
TPC benchmark 鄭凱元 2/11/14
Tips on How to Find an Efficient Phone System Business Phone Systems 1/2/14
Omid benchmark 鄭凱元 12/31/13
If omid is mature enough for production env. Nai Yan. 12/14/13
can not rollback without "tm.rollback(t)" 12/3/13
if Omid client fail when i doing a transaction, what will happen? 鄭凱元 11/26/13
Read/Write conflict 鄭凱元 11/14/13
Does ST/CT table and R/LC table 's size have any limit? How big can be? 鄭凱元 11/11/13
when i want to print some value in ,i add System.out.print() in this, but it doesn't work,why? plz help , Have any other method? 鄭凱元 11/5/13
How to decide a value has to be evicted from memory? lowWater is also used to prevent the ST/CT table too big? 鄭凱元 10/31/13
How does Omid implement the two phase commit protocol? 鄭凱元 10/31/13
How Omid determine the LowWater value? 鄭凱元 10/30/13
SO recovery Issue 鄭凱元 9/23/13
doc for install omid 8/20/13
Bookkeeper 鄭凱元 7/31/13
bin/ bktest 鄭凱元 7/31/13
Does Omid support SQL language? 鄭凱元 7/23/13
To start the SO 鄭凱元 7/18/13
$ bin/ bktest 鄭凱元 7/18/13
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