Welcome to the Mechanical Sympathy group.  This group is for discussing how to code sympathetically to and measure the underlying stack/platform so good performance can be extracted.

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How to solve very unstable latencies when using NIC? Petr Postulka 12:16 PM
Eat What You Kill Greg Wilkins 5:58 AM
Anyone want to give a talk on JMH at an NYC meetup? Carlo Barbara 4/27/15
Order book/matching algorithms which are used by Equities exchanges Mike Warn 4/27/15
JMH vs Caliper: reference thread Gleb Smirnov 4/24/15
more control on CPU cache ymo 4/23/15
Explanation of some LVB subtleties in the garbage collector Marko Topolnik 4/22/15
A Toolkit to Measure Basic System Performance & OS Jitter Jean Dagenais 4/21/15
ChronicleMap and memory efficiency vs CHM Kevin Burton 4/21/15
Asynchronized Concurrency: The Secret to Scaling Concurrent Search Data Structures Jaco van der Merwe 4/20/15
Systematic Process to Reduce Linux OS Jitter Jean Dagenais 4/19/15
Why (most) high level languages are slow Vitaly Davidovich 4/17/15
HdrHistogram: use of synchronized in SingleWriterRecorder Alen Vrečko 4/15/15
Intel contributing various vectorization changes to Hotspot Vitaly Davidovich 4/13/15
The Black Magic of (Java) Method Dispatch Martin Thompson 4/6/15
ConcurrentLinkedHashMap with PriorityQueue semantics? Kevin Burton 4/5/15
Java unsafe/bytebuffer flyweight disadvantages Rajiv Kurian 3/30/15
branch vs copy Nathan Tippy 3/30/15
Putting regular jstack snapshots into production. Kevin Burton 3/29/15
Cache design feedback Benjamin Manes 3/29/15
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